Denmark consists of 2 main islands, Sjælland (Zealand) and Fyn (Funen), and a spur of land in the West reaching up out of Germany. Denmark also lays claim to Greenland and the Faroe islands, but as I’ve not yet been to either of them (Bucket List!), I’ll not discuss them just yet.

The landscape of Denmark is a bit flat, if I’m honest; We drove from Copenhagen (East) to Billund (West), a total of 280 or so Kilometers, and there was barely a hillock to talk about.

What you can say though, is that they know how to build Bridges! The Great Belt Bridge, connecting Sjælland and Fyn via Sprogø (a pretty small island) is over 13km long. The first half (to the East) is a mammoth Suspension bridge, and the second half (West) is a Girder Bridge.

Driving across the bridge requires you to pass through a toll, which leads me very nicely on to my next point, which is that Denmark is one of the most expensive countries we’ve ever visited…


The toll costs £27 per vehicle, which seems pretty ludicrous, until you start considering some of the other prices you might come across while in Denmark. A beer in Copenhagen will set you back £7. Coffee’s are about twice as expensive as in the UK. In fairness, Public Transport is not bad, and fuel is comparable to other places we’ve been, but Luxury items are very, very dear.

One of the most pleasant things about Denmark though, is the people. Having rented a car for the weekend, it was refreshing to drive in a country where motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are all so conscious and considerate of each other, and abide by the rules!

Denmark is a wonderful country, and we had a great time during our short weekend away in January 2020 for my 40th Birthday. We flew from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, then took a car cross-country to Billund, stopping at one of the many rest areas for a McDonalds on the way. We spent the Saturday at Lego House (WOW!), and then returned to Copenhagen on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon was a lazy stroll around Copenhagen centre, staying overnight at the Urban House Hostel, and then flew back Monday to Edinburgh. Pretty much the perfect short weekend away.

Date of last visit : 24 – 27 Jan 2020

Before our trip to Billund in January 2020, I did a little research on the place, and expected it to be a fair sized town with some pretty large and famous attractions.

In actual fact, it’s a very small town that only seems to exist because of its history (being the home of Lego); The fact that... Read More


Having spent only an afternoon exploring the centre of Copenhagen, i think I can safely say it’s an amazing city, and one that’s definitely spending more time exploring than we had available.

And if you did have more time at your disposal, it’s a very easy city to explore; being a coastal city... Read More