Before our trip to Billund in January 2020, I did a little research on the place, and expected it to be a fair sized town with some pretty large and famous attractions. In actual fact, it’s a very small town that only seems to exist because of its history (being the home of Lego); The fact that Lego House, Legoland and Lalandia are found here is possibly the only reason anyone would ever have to visit it…

That said, the three attractions above do make visiting Billund well worth the effort. Happily, you can fly direct to Billund from the UK, so you don’t have to drive cross-country from Copenhagen (like we did).

And with that, I literally have no more to say about this little town… You can read about our wonderful day out at Lego House by clicking on SHOW below.

Billund Attractions

Lego House