I've now been to Italy thrice - once on a working holiday back in 2001, and then again in 2012 - on a working holiday(!), and most recently, a retun to Sardinia in 2023! It's truly a beautiful country, very mountainous, surrounded by the Mediterranean (meaning great beaches!), with friendly folk, great food, and mad drivers.

There's great Wine, Olive plantations (if you're into that sort of thing), Ancient and Medieval history galore, and every town / village is unique!

Back in 2001 I spent 6 weeks working de-montage for EuroCamp - which basically means cleaning up at the end of the season, and packing everything away.

We cleaned up several campsites in Cecina (Livorno) and Sardinia, before moving on to Corsica.

Probably the most memorable event during this fantastic trip was waking up in the campsite on the 1st morning, to find that the Twin Towers had just collapsed (I didn't say it was a positive event, did I?).


Once we'd gotten over the shock of that though, it turned into one of the best working vacations ever.

The second time I visited Italy was in 2012, when I was lucky enough to be sent on a Six-Sigma Green Belt course in Rome. We spent a week in a 4-star Sheraton (all inclusive, obviously :)), and I was even able to take Asia with me.

You can read more about our stays and the places I've seen on the pages below...

Date of last visit : October 2023

I'd been to Italy once before, travelling and working around the Tuscany area, as well as Sardinia, but we never managed to get down to Rome at that point. For this trip, I'd been lucky enough to have an all-expenses paid trip, for a Project Management Training course, through work. As a bonus, I got to take Asia along!... Read More

October 2023. 23 years after my last (and first) visit to Sardinia, we finally made it back. I'd been talking for years about how I'd love to return to Sardinia and Corsica, but it always seemed pretty expensive to get there.

However, thanks to some judicious spending on the AMEX for... Read More

Sistine Chapel

Siena... (Still to come!) Read More