The Golden Circle

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The Golden Circle Attractions

Laugervatn Fontana

One of two mainstream Hot Springs along the Golden Circle Route, Laugervatn boasts 4 pools, ranging from 30-40° C. 

An access pass costs about £30 (4990 ISK), and allows you to use any of the pools, as well as the 3 steam rooms and sauna.

There is also access to the lake - my travel companions jumped in the water TWICE! Lunatics, considering it was -4 during our visit... My toes were enough to convince me it was a terrible idea! 

Inside there's a cafe, and they also have a tour where you can watch them bake bread in one of the steam vents.

Strokkur Geyser

Strokkur geyser is one of the (many) highlights of the Golden circle, and has been developed into quite the tourist attraction, with a Visitor center, shop and cafe.

The region is strewn with bubbling, boiling and steaming vents, and there is a constant cloud of water vapour drifting off in the wind, giving the whole area an otherwordly feel.

the main event though is obviously the geyser itself; an easy 5-minute walk from the visitor center, it erupts every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes dramatically, sometimes less so, but no matter the magnitude, it's still a site to behold!

There is plenty of parking too, but it can be quite a busy location, especially in Summer I guess!

Gullfoss Falls

The largest Falls in Iceland, and the largest by volume in Europe, Gullfoss falls up to 32 meters over two tiers, and carries a large amount of water down the Hvita River Canyon from the highlands into the Lowlands.

Found at the top end of the Golden Circle, just about as far from Reykjavik as is possible to go on the loop, it's an impressive sight, even in Winter. Due to snow & ice, certain parts of the path are inaccessible in Winter, meaning you're slightly more limited with how close you can get to the falls.

There is plentiful parking available, and Snowmobile tours to LangJokull Glacier also leave from the attraction.

Finally, as is standard, there is a Cafe/Shop on site.

Kerid Crater

Kerid, a long-dormant volcanic crater, is one of the attractions on the Southern stretch of the Golden Mile.

It's not a large crater, taking only 15-25 minutes to circumnavigate, and is most famous for its milky-blue lake (which is less impressive in Winter when it's frozen, if I'm honest).

The volcano last erupted approx. 6500 years ago, but there is still a very clear cone, with a deep crater.

It costs roughly £5 for entry and provides a great photo opportunity and a worthwhile stop.


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