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Welcome to the Web's best Travel site, focusing entirely on places I've been, and things that I've seen!

You read that right, yes. This website is a travelers best friend, as long as you're planning on going to the same places I've been to.

Which, in fairness, is a not inconsiderable amount of countries around Europe and Africa, to date.

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So please, read on, and hopefully you might find some interesting information, useful tidbit, or future destination you've never even considered before!

I've attempted to make my site as user friendly as possible, by creating unique pages for each country I've visited, and additional pages for specific locations (Cities or Regions) within those countries. Within each location are helpful hints about great attractions that are quite possibly worth visiting!

You can access all of the items from the Maps above - simply by clicking on the Country you're interested in.

So, what about me, you might ask? (or not, actually, but I'm going to tell you anyway). I hail from South Africa, though I've lived in Europe for most of my adult life. Some of the countries I've lived in are Poland and Scotland, with a little of England thrown in amongst there as well. Having been in Aberdeen since 2013 though, this is now definitively what I would call my home. You can read more about this wonderful city here.

I enjoy sport, both watching and playing, am quite into photography, and very into travelling. Being married, and now that there's a third wheel in tow, it's a little bit dearer to go to all the places we'd like to see, but it doesn't stop us from trying!

Tatra Mountains, Poland

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