Travels of a Migrant

It was back in 2001 that I spent 3 amazing weeks on Corsica. The reason for me being there was work; It was the end-of-season Demontage of a couple of Campsites on the East Coast, and myself and 8 other folk were there to clean up after a busy Summer season.

I don’t remember much of the work, as it was just an excuse for us to have been on the Island, but it’s one of the most beautiful Islands I’ve visited, and that, I DO remember.

By the time we arrived on Corsica, we’d already spent 3 weeks in Tuscany, and a week on Sardinia – Corsica was our last stop, and you could say it was the Dessert after a fantastic Starter & Mains. You always save the best for last!

Serious building techniques!

Our accommodation was tented for the duration – as they were family-ready fully stocked tents though, this was no hardship! With working days broken up by Lunch-time dips in the Mediterranean, there was always something to look forward to, and as soon as we’d knocked off, it’d be on with the Snorkels and back in the Sea again.

Bonifacio, in the South Crystal clear waters Dramatic Mountains

Also, being based halfway up the coast gave us ample opportunity to explore, and on our days off that’s what we did. Some of the places we ventured to included:

Ghisonaccia – The closest town to our Campsite, probably 15 minutes walk from the beach, and a town we frequented regularly on nights out. Not much in the way of nightlife, but some really good pizzeria’s, and friendly enough folk.

Bastia – Corsica’s Capital. We didn’t spend much time here, mainly our entry and exit point. Pretty big City, on the North East coast, and the site of Corsica’s main Airport and Port – the other being Ajaccio.

Porto Vecchio – We visited Porto Vecchio a couple of times during our stay, mostly for the (sometimes Nudist) Beaches just South of town, but also to do some shopping. One of the larger towns on the East coast, it’s got a fair bit more to offer than Ghisonaccia, and it’s not that far down the road.

Bonifacio – We spent way too little time in this amazing town. Full of History, and built almost entirely on a Rocky outcrop which protects the Harbour from Storms, it’s one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. Entirely dominated by the huge Citadel at it’s highest point, the rest of the town is jam-packed around it, with the housing being built all the way to the edge of the cliffs. Can you imagine waking up to a view like that every day??

Corse Natural Regional Park – We didn’t go to any particular location in the Park, but one of the best days out we had was Gorge Walking in the mountains, followed by a drive all the way to the top of the mountain range (Ghisoni seems to ring a bell?). From here on a clear day you can see most of the world…

The only negative experience I had on Corsica (and in honesty, the entire trip) was when some Dickhead (sorry, Kids) stole my SLR Camera. In my opinion, they could have kept the Camera, but they decided to take my 7 rolls of undeveloped Film as well! It kind of led me to suspect it was one of my team-mates (and I suspect I know who, too), as they’d also taken my passport out of my Camera Bag and left it for me… Alas, I had no evidence to support my theory, so here I am, many years later, borrowing photos from the internet for my blog. Thanks Internet.

Date of last visit : September 2001

Ajaccio Street scene