Travels of a Migrant

Well, what can I say about London that hasn’t already been said 1000 times? Not sure, but I’ll give it a bash anyway…

London is awesome if you’re a tourist – there’s more to see here than anyone could possibly squeeze into a single holiday, it’s got one of the best transport systems in the world, so getting where you want to go is easy (if expensive), and it’s a truly multicultural city as well, so it’s not just the English way of life you might find if you were, say, in the Cotswolds. In a city of 8 million inhabitants, you’d expect to find nothing less.

Here, in the heart of the City, is the SoHo district, party central, and also the place to find your more “risque” attractions. Surrounding it are some of the most famous districts in the UK – Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus; the names alone carry an aura of history, the places even more so. Everything you could ever wish to find, within a 1 mile radius…

It’s also a very welcoming city, if you’re a tourist. Not so much if you move there, then it can be a bitch. That’s speaking from Personal experience which, granted, might not be the same for everyone!

As a tourist though, I love it. Going down for 3-4 days is perfect, just enough time to see what you want to (especially if you know what you want to see!), while not getting overcome by the constant crush of people, who seem to live their lives in high-gear.

My last trip down South was the end of March, 2018. Mostly business related, having to renew my Passport, but considering that it took only 4 hours to do (after an overnight bus trip), I had quite a bit of time for myself, and to catch up on all my favourite things!

On my recent trip (with Mr Lego, who you might see in some of the pictures – given to me by my daughter to keep me safe) I visited the Sea Life Aquarium (Brilliant!), the Lego shop in Leicester Square (Even better!), Hamley’s toy store, Piccadilly Circus, and some other minor attractions, such as Buckingham Palace in the morning, and the National Galleries. I stayed in a cheap Hostel in Pimlico, and walked EVERYWHERE, partly to save some cash, but partly because I like walking. There were times though that I wished I’d bought a day ticket!

If I’m honest, one of the highlights of my recent trip was seeing Buckingham Palace – normally there’s crowds of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people, all wanting to get the same view, wanting to take the perfect picture. If you really want the perfect picture, get there at 6am, like I did; Not a soul in sight, and the the follow up walk up the Mall was just as peaceful.

Over the years I have seen plenty of London, but every time I go back, I tend to go and revisit the same places / shops / attractions. This ain’t a bad thing – at least I know what I like! I’m going to write smaller follow up pieces about all the attractions I’ve visited; you’ll be able to find them by clicking on the links below.

London Attractions

Sea Life Aquarium

Lego Store (Leicester Square)